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1v1 and
Team Mentorship


At Mission Primed, we believe in empowering individuals, as well as organizations and teams to be Primed. 



For teams, we cater to your needs. We recognize that every team has unique challenges, and that oftentimes coaches can not accomplish everything on their own. It takes a village. There are an array of packages and workshops that can be custom developed based on what is needed and budgets of the program. We provide in person, zoom or a combination of both including but not limited to: One session, multiple sessions, once a month, and throughout the season. 




Although we do offer our group mentorship program in the fall, some players may require more individualized attention to help them realize their potential and accelerate the path they are on. Individual MP Program will include but not limited to meeting via phone and text, email and zoom. 


Please fill out this form and we will contact you to set up a consultation.

Jules Heningburg 1v1 Mentorship

Mission Primed Mentorship was an amazing experience for our son both for the development of him as a lacrosse player and as a person...MP taught us that while camps, select teams, highlight tapes and small group training are helpful for aspiring college athletes, there are many other factors that are important for success on and off the field.

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