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Mission Primed provides strategy and establishes the framework necessary for players to tap into their full potential. Our curriculum has been developed to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment for all participants. We have established foundational pillars to serve as catalysts in navigating their real-life scenarios, empowering them to critically think and apply strategies that directly impact success on and off the field. 

Our lessons and curriculum have been developed to strategically provide players with all the tools they need to succeed. We have hand-selected professionals that not only are at the top of their field but have first-hand experience supporting the professionals of the Premier Lacrosse League. Each member of the team brings a competitive edge to nourish not only the on-field potential but to assist in developing the individual and professionalism needed to excel beyond the field. 

Our programs are built with a hybrid of interactive group lectures, one-on-one coaching, and lesson reinforcement through follow-up assignments, allowing players a comprehensive and meaningful program. Furthermore, we track key data points and report them through Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports for all of our players. We honor the most important relationships in child development by incorporating parents into the program to allow dialogue, feedback, and support along the way. It takes a village, we are just a conduit to help reinforce the lessons that parents, teachers, and coaches provide to their players allowing them to reach their full potential.

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