Jules Heningburg Mentorship Program

Mission Primed

In the Mission Primed Mentorship Program, we empower players to tap into their full potential through our experts, mentors and curriculum. 


Through developing genuine relationships with authentic touchpoints, players will be immersed in the Mission Primed ecosystem. They will be guided through the systems, strategies and tools that encompass Mission Primed as they embark on their journey as student-athletes. 


We believe student-athletes are people first. In order to tap into your true potential on the field, you must first become more mindful and aware of the impact that your lifestyle and decisions have on you mentally, physically, and spiritually as a whole.  


What a student - athlete does days, weeks, and months leading up to game day will largely determine the outcome of that individual and team. However, the lessons and values fostered with Mission Primed reach far beyond performance on the field, and extend to life beyond Lacrosse. 


We know how daunting it can be to go alone, and what it feels like to be stuck when the adversity and challenge strikes. Our goal at Mission Primed is to guide you through your obstacles, and support your journey.


Emily Perrin _ Mission Primed

Start Date - November 

Finish Date - May


Class of 2022 and 2023

Players Currently Committed To Play Collegiately, and/or have a strong desire to play at the next level. They show a commitment to the sport of Lacrosse greater than the common player. 


Offense, Defense, Goalie


Start Date - November 

Finish Date - May


Jules Heningburg - Offense

Christian Mazzone - Offense

Eli Gobrecht - Defense

Colin Squires - Defense

Timmy Troutner - Goalie


Emily Perrin - Mindfulness, Breathwork & Yoga

Corey Bulkin - Recruiting & Academics

Wally Bzdell - Mental Performance

Mike Giunta - Mobility, Recovery & PT

Chiara Quinn - Brand Development, Marketing & Strategy 

Mission Primed Mentorship Program
Mission Primed Mentorship Program


We have strategically built our curriculum to accompany the high school lacrosse players fall ball, preseason and in season schedule. 


Our Sunday, Live bi-weekly group video sessions are programmed by experts and will have a lecture, activity and takeaways to reinforce the lesson.


Following each session, an open forum will be offered, giving players the chance for a more intimate Q&A, reinforcement of topics, networking and community building.  


Dependent on membership level, players will have the option to have 1  on 1 video meetings with their Mentor and Experts, as well as share video and receive feedback from them. This allows players have flexibility, and tap into the resources that best align with the individual player's needs as they progress through the year. 

We Cover

Off-Season Focus
Goal Setting, Routine, Habit and Time Management Development, Relationship Development, Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep, Off-Season Skill and IQ Development, Social Life/Balance


In-Season Focus

Relating Methodology to Lacrosse Specific Performance; Mental, Handling Adversity and Challenges, Film, Skill Development, Mobility, Body Maintenance and Recovery


Levels of Mentorship



-2 Monthly Group Meetings with Experts 

-Access to Mentor and Expert Study Halls

-Access to Mission Primed Network and Online Community Indefinitely 

-Access to Exclusive Videos with Tips from the Pros Indefinitely


-One Year Membership to First Class Lacrosse Membership for Film and Drills 

-One Year Membership Mindful Athlete Membership for

Mindfulness Practice and Breathing 

-6 Month Mobility Plan and Support from Evolution Physical Therapy 

-6 Month Nutrition Plan and Support from Certified Expert 




-1 Monthly Video Messaging Feedback Session in the Online Community with Positional Mentor

-1 Monthly Video Messaging Session in the Online Community with Expert of your Choice

-1 - 1 on 1 meeting with a mentor and expert 





-Direct Messaging with Mentors

-1 Monthly Video Call with your PLL Positional Mentor in the Online Community 

-1 Monthly Video Call with Founder Jules Heningburg 


-1 Monthly 20 Minute Call with Expert of your Choice


-Exclusive Mission Primed Gear, Epoch Head, Shaft and Gloves 

What Do you Get? 


At the *Primed Level, players will receive: 


Access to 21 hours of Live Group meetings with option to stay on for open forum with expert presenter for Q&A

Up to 2.5 hours of 1 on 1 meeting time with Jules Heningburg

Up to 2.5 hours of 1 on 1 meetings with PLL Pro Positional Coaches

Up to 2.5 hours of 1 on 1 meetings with Experts

Access of up to 7 hours of Office Hour Support from Experts and Mentors 

Unlimited Access to a mentor or expert for  messaging in our Online Community, allowing you to  ask questions about previous lessons, challenges, or anything else you’re working through. 


*Primed Membership - over 40 hours of access to the experts and pros over 28 - week period, plus ongoing access to Online Community and resources following the program.


Program memberships range from approximately $53 to $79 per week, and will give players access to high level mentorship over the most critical year of their career. 

Which Program is Right for Me?


Activate - Our Basic and most cost effective program, designed for student - athletes who perhaps play fall and winter sports; they may necessarily think they need consistent 1 on 1 mentoring, but will still benefit greatly from live sessions, office hours, and the access to Mission Primed. 

Elevate - Our Advanced program, for student - athletes who seek individual feedback, but may still feel limited in scheduling 1 on 1 time. 

Primed - Our Premier program (MOST VALUE), designed for full access to our staff and community. For the players who are seeking consistent 1 on 1 feedback. Our most engaged and driven student - athlete. 

By the End of MPM, Players Will

  • Have newfound access to tools and
    resources to support a confident and
    progressive journey as a high school athlete.


  • Have a defined yet mailable routine that positions the athlete for long-term success, and provides stability in a hectic journey. 

  • Discover and develop critical recovery strategies to sustain the physical and mental performance needed for long-term play.

  • Understand of the importance and commitment to nutrition, sleep, hydration and mobility as it pertains to recovery and optimal play. 

  • Recognize what deliberate extra work outside of normal team practice looks and feels like, and how it differs from just “rolling the balls out”.

  • Be committing, excelling, and adapting their lifestyle to meet the expectations of high-level competition.

  • Be valuing and nourishing their how and why behind the most important relationships in your life and how they support their goals. 

  • Further one's understanding of time management, prioritization, and how it impacts performance and success as a student-athlete.

  • Develop and implement mindset tools that help manage the pressures that come with high-level play and learn to maintain mental stability through challenges.

Jules Heningburg | Mission Primed Mentorship

Frequently asked questions

What is the value of this program?

Mission Primed Materials - $150 Epoch Gloves - $150 Epoch Stick - $250 Custom Mission Primed Gear - $150 First Class Lacrosse Year Subscription - $240 Mindful Athlete Year Membership - $200 Mobility, Body Maintenance and Recovery Plan - $200 Individual Expert & Mentor Meetings - $2250 Group Mentorship Meetings - $1275 Exclusive Content - $500 TOTAL VALUE: $5365

When does the program start and finish?

The program starts in November, and extends into May. We have designed it to fit fluidly into players off - season schedules, as well as in season. Group meetings will run LIVE every other Sunday, and are recorded for players who are unable to attend them.

What is the format? Do you meet in person?

The Mentorship Program will be conducted digitally through our online platforms. This will be a hybrid between large group, small group, individual and feedback opportunities.

When are the group meetings?

Group meetings will be every other Sunday at 5pm PST.

When are the individual meetings?

Individual Meetings will be scheduled by players with their Mentors and our Experts using a scheduling app, based on both parties schedule. It is important that players take responsibility to meet with their mentors and recognize the opportunity they have at hand to do so.

Does the program have on-field training?

We strongly believe that the work put in off the field is just as important, if not MORE, than just the shooting, dodging, footwork etc that players normally focus on. We support on field practice, and will guide you through film review and support, but that will not be our primary focus. However, we do work to provide strategic partnerships and opportunities to meet and train players throughout the year

What is the frequency of meetings?

Group meetings will occur every other week for 1 hour with an optional 30 minute study hall following the meeting. Players will have the opportunity to meet with their Position Mentor, as well as specific Mission Primed Experts as well in the off weeks to review concepts and build in specific areas.

Do you provide schlarships?

At this time, we have a very limited opportunity to provide scholarships to our Athletes, and continue to build on it year over year. Please email us at info@missionprimed.com to learn more.

Do you provide refunds?

Due to the nature of the program, we do not provide refunds as players will be involved for an ongoing number of months. However, we can provide a credit toward the Senior Experience in the event that an unforseen conflict arises.

​Empowering Off Field Success, to Optimize On Field Play