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Mission Primed Senior Experience Recap Documents 

We invite you to download the Google sheet so you can have your own digital copy of your routine blueprint. As a reminder, the first time slot is the time you wake up. Time should be in one hour increments. We have established the "waking hours" based on 16 hours allocating 8 hours for sleep. If you have any questions, email

Some of you had great questions this week about name, image & likeness (NIL). We want to provide you with a more in depth snapshot of NIL with this report published by Opendorse, one of the industry leaders in the NIL space. This report has great information about where men’s lacrosse sits in the pecking order of sports and hammers home the main message of this week as it pertains to NIL. DO THE WORK!!!! 

Thanks for a great week, Gene Daniels 


Ankle Mobility

Hip Advanced

Recovery Exercises

If you'd like to contact Mike Giunta, you can do so at


For a full peek at all of Emily's videos, head to her Youtube Channel here. 

Or Download The Beginners Guide to Being a Mindful Athlete here.

If you'd like to contact Emily Perrin, you can do so by emailing her at

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