As you move on from Mission Primed, your challenge will be taking what you have learned, and putting it into intentional, daily actions to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. 


We oftentimes find in our collegiate athletes that a fear of failure limits them from taking the necessary steps and actions to achieve what it is they desire. There is an idea that if you put all your effort toward a specific “goal”, and do not “achieve it”, then the sacrifices during that process were not worth it. As a result, we see athletes are less disciplined during their collegiate experience, and have regrets when they move on. 


As we hope you have learned in your time with us, we want you to continue to shift your thoughts from being solely goal orientated, to system and process orientated . Whether you want to become a starter as a freshman, the team's leading scorer, an All-American, or a business school graduate; who you are, and who you are becoming in this process, will inherently give you the opportunity to achieve the goals you have set.  


This process will take time. The way potential transforms is through discipline. Nothing will be perfect and it will not always go according to your plan. As you become more disciplined, you become wiser, and can formulate better and better plans for your future goals. 


Remember that step one in changing and improving habits and routine is to become more aware. Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity. How do you become more aware? The practice of mindfulness. 


Use the 6 Pillars, Principles and philosophy we have discussed as your guide and roadmap as you strive toward your goals and the individual you want to become. Each day, you either consciously, or subconsciously practice and experience what Mission Primed embodies. The key is to hone in and become more aware,  and then dive deeper into these aspects of life as you move forward. Keep it SIMPLE, one day at a time working to become 1% better.


There are no guarantees in life, but if you commit to this process, my promise is that you will see yourself improve and the doors in your life will unlock right before your eyes.