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Jules Heningburg, current PLL All-Star and leader of Redwoods LC, was able to take Rutgers University from a 5-10 record to a Top 10 team during his tenure. He found that changing a culture and turning a program around takes hours of enrichment, studying, and research. In order to succeed, Jules needed to focus on how he could gain a competitive advantage and revitalize a program from within. 

As a professional, Jules learned that a majority of his contemporaries didn’t have to endure the same experiences in college that he did. The blue blood programs tend to have an established culture that allows incoming Freshman to get acclimated to what is necessary for success. The ones who do not acclimate are then quickly replaced by the next wave of top recruits. Not having this established culture and needing to learn about what it takes has given Jules a different perspective on what the process actually is. Understanding what needed to be done to be the best version of himself and having the responsibility to influence the rest of his teammates in order to transform the culture is a unique experience that not many other professionals have had. 

Mission Primed _ Jules Heningburg

Jules feels compelled to share his firsthand experiences with the next generation. From establishing routines and making sacrifices to focusing on nutrition and balancing academics; there are so many factors that play a role in achieving success and more often than not, incoming freshmen have never been made aware of this information. Being able to have this knowledge before even stepping on campus will prove vital to helping incoming Student-Athletes maximize their college experience and reach the goals they set out for themselves. 


In April of 2020,  the Mission Primed Senior Experience was launched. With the help of his diverse village of experts and the Mission Primed Pillars and Principles, Jules led the development of workshops and field training to equip the players with the necessary tools that will prime them for their Freshman year. Through the four-day event, the players fully immersed themselves in all aspects of the college experience while learning directly from professionals preparing them to become the best Student-Athlete they can be. ​​

Jules Heningburg _ Mission Primed

This Fall, the focus has turned to developing all High school athletes digitally through the Mission Primed Mentorship Program. As an athlete in High School, its pivotal to comprehend on-field success is rooted in off-field decision making. Your character is the driving force in having the ability to carry out the actions necessary to achieve your goals and building a positive character is a process that you must own.


Going from an unranked recruit who rarely played Club Lacrosse to the 7th overall Pro Draft pick, Jules underwent the transformation of taking accountability and ownership of his development in order to overcome the obstacles that he faced. It is more than just what happens on the field. It is how you condition your mind, body, and spirit that will elevate your game to the next level.


Utilizing the Mission Primed Philosophy and Curriculum, each MP athlete will be educated in our Pillars and Principles. They will have the unique opportunity to engage with our staff to discuss film review, recruiting tips, on-field guidance, or any other challenges they are experiencing. From mental preparedness to proper nutrition we are taking a holistic approach to mentoring our athletes.

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