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Mission Primed had a big impact on how I've been carrying myself so far on campus. The dietary section of the camp made me think hard about my food choices cutting soda out of my diet and increasing my calorie intake dramatically in order to gain weight. The routine building has allowed me to stay ahead of class work while I juggle study hall and practices. The relationship section made me emphasize getting close to my teammates especially the upperclassmen and starters in my position who have already brought me under their wing.

Yosef, Mission Primed 2020

To all the incoming Mission Primed athletes, you are all very lucky. When moving into college, you will see the situations we went over during Mission Primed clearly. You will see the guys who say they want to get better and put in extra work. You will see the relationships that Jules talks about avoiding. Not only will you be able to simplify your college life, but you will be able to enhance it. After Mission Primed you will be able to see how much of a difference a shift in your mindset can do your performance on and off the field. Your growth will be astronomical and for that, you are very lucky.

Aiden, Mission Primed 2020

First off I'd like to again thank you for including me in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Mission Primed was truly a unique experience, to say the least, and the tools that I was able to develop and then apply to my life on and off the field have made immediate impacts in all pillars of my life.  In fact, the pillars of success have been adopted by me, and they are up on my fridge every day.  Each day I try to check off those boxes.  Transitioning into the college game thus far during the fall, Mission Primed has allowed me to build close relationships with our senior captains, my professors, and my teammates.  Mission Primed has allowed me to break down film in a whole new light and to then apply those practices during my workouts.  I have also implemented mobility days into my workouts, which are extremely important and will give me an edge when it comes to uncomfortable and tiring situations in games.  Furthermore, I really was able to hone in on my "why" and understand that this game is a lot bigger than just myself, which gives me all the more reason to give everything I have for those who have allowed me to do so.  "Commitment over feelings" was a major takeaway from this program, and the people that I got to meet were truly influential and not a day goes by that I don't remind myself of the pillars presented to me at Mission Primed.

Shane, Mission Primed 2020

Thank you for an amazing week - I learned a ton about how to navigate relationships and in some ways how to be a great leader because of relationships. Learned a ton about mindfulness and being in the present, which I firmly believe will propel my game to a new level. Also wanted to thank you for sharing your story, it honestly was super relieving to hear. My parents are both immigrants and have only been to 3 games in my entire life because they work. And I always thought that was normal - I thought only super protective parents showed up to games but looking back I get it now. I never went to school dance because I needed to save money to buy plane tickets to go to the east coast for tournaments and prospect days. I always went by myself to save money for the family and parents always looked at me weird, really isolating stuff. I didn’t drink throughout high school because it was either that or buying a healthy lunch, never had the money for both. Hearing your story has been super helpful too, from learning that summer school could cost money to knowing how credits work, mission primed was a transformative experience. Thank you man for having me this week, it was an honor.

2020 MP Athlete

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