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Mission Primed is a unique experience that has been developed specifically for seniors transitioning to their Freshman year. However, we understand that engaging with our players and Mission Primed family before, and after, will only bring more value to the players. For that, we are offering more specific player development through the Mission Primed Mentorship Program.


The Mission Primed Mentorship Program is a 12 Week Comprehensive Course designed for your son to become well versed in the Mission Primed Philosophy. By learning directly from our staff through a hybrid of individual and group work, the boys will immerse themselves in all aspects of Mission Primed. Whether his goal is to become a Varsity starter, the state’s top player, or a Division 1 Recruit, we understand what the process requires. Assessing how he’s performing in regards to this process and according to our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we have the ability to craft our program towards specific needs that will help him become the player he wants to be, on and off the field. Each Mission Primed athlete will be educated in our Pillars and Principles and will have the unique opportunity to engage with our staff to discuss everything in this process from film review to recruiting tips, to on field guidance and any other issue that they are experiencing. Owning your experience is about much more than what happens on the field or in the weight room and Mission Primed is dedicated to helping unlock this for the next generation.

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