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What is
Mission Primed
Senior Experience?

The Mission Primed Senior Experience is our premier training combine, designed to prepare high school seniors for their next step, college. The four-day training-camp experience will immerse players in our Mission Primed philosophy. Guided by our elite-level coaching staff, they will develop the framework essential to tapping their full potential. 


Our on-field focus will include individual skill development, half-field practice scenarios, and structured 6 v 6. High school players often fail to transition to the college game, not because of their lack of skill sets--such as shooting on the run or dodging--but because they do not understand how to play the larger game on and off the field.

We will expose you to college-level play in a controlled and competitive environment and lean into the skills we know can be differentiators for you. We foster a growth mindset while sharing the necessary strategy to succeed in specific scenarios on the field.


Mike Giunta _ Mission Primed

Off the field, Mission Primed is designed to give players the inside track on taking ownership of the college experience. We have developed the roadmap that we wish we had before stepping onto campus. Through interactive workshops, engaging activities, goal planning, surveys and traceable dashboards, we have taken the mentorship role to the next level.


Mission Primed Mentorship Program

Utilizing our Core Pillars and Principles, we offer a unique hybrid of on-field and off-field training, integrating the concepts and strategy behind:

  • Understanding, Investing in and Developing the Right Relationships 

  • Prioritization, Management and Balance tactics for being a student athlete 

  • Body Maintenance - Fueling and Recovery Best Practices, Developing Self Awareness and Intentional Reflection 

  • Utilizing Game Film Analysis for Player Development 

  • Training your mind for the next level of play


Matt Dunn _ Mission Primed

Matt Dunn

Defensive Director

First Class Defense Director

Whipsnakes LC Defenseman

2020 PLL Defender of the Year

Deemer Class _ MIssion Primed

Deemer Class

Midfield Director

Founder of First Class Lacrosse

Cannons LC Midfielder

Jules Heningburg _ Mission Primed

Jules Heningburg

Founder of Mission Primed

Juke Lab

Redwoods LC All-Star

Top 50 PLL Player of 2021

Timmy Troutner _ Mission Primed

Timmy Troutner

Goalie Director

Redwoods LC All-Star

Top 50 PLL Player of 2021

Christian Mazzone _ MIssion Primed

Christian Mazzone

Midfield Coach & Mentor

Archers LC Midfielder

Emily Perrin _ Mission Primed

Emily Perrin

Mindfulness Coach + Yoga Instructor

CEO Perrin Wellness and Performance

Dr. Wally Bzdell, Ed.D. _ Mission Primed

Dr. Wally Bzdell, Ed.D

High Performance Mindset Coach

Sports Psychologist

NYS Licensed Psychologist

Mike Giunta _ Mission Primed

Mike Giunta

Mobility Coach

Owner, Evolution Physical Therapy

Head of Medical Premier Lacrosse League

Chiara Quinn _ Mission Primed

Chiara Quinn

Co-Founder of Mission Primed

Business & Marketing Coach

Mike Mabry

Mike Mabry

Lead Mentor
President, Mabry Academy

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