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Mission Primed | Jules Heningburg


On-field success is rooted in off-field decision making


At Mission Primed, we believe on-field success is rooted in off-field decision making. Your character is the driving force in having the ability to carry out the actions necessary to achieve your goals. Building a positive character is a process that you must own and it starts with honestly assessing yourself with these three questions:

1. Am I willing to commit to my goals?

2. What are the sacrifices I need to make to achieve my goals?

3. What is my plan to execute?

Our goal at Mission Primed is to guide you through these questions and this journey to unlock your potential. Utlizing the Mission Primed Philosophy and Curriculum, Each MP athlete will be educated in our Pillars and Principles. They will have the unique opportunity to engage with our staff and critically understand navigating academics, recruiting guidance, film review and breakdown, practice and game performance, and the adversity we know high school student-athletes face. From mental preparedness to proper nutrition we are taking a holistic approach to mentoring our athletes.

Jules Heningburg | Mission Primed

Digital Course Curriculum Will Include:

Section 1: Methodology 

Breakdown of Pillars and Key Off-Field Concepts

Section 2: Lacrosse Specific

Relating Pillars to Lacrosse Specific Performance + Strategy For On-Field Success

Section 3: Review and Application Moving Forward

Taking the Pillars and Lessons Into Action

All Sessions include, lecture, activities, and lesson reinforcement


Course Work: 1 Hour Weekly Session with additional half-hour for study hall, if needed 

Homework: 10 Minutes Post Session 

Weekly Individual Mentor Meetings: 20 Minutes

*Frequency, time commitment, and schedule will vary depending upon the program and athlete's needs.

Players will:

  • Discover tools and resources to support a confident and progressive journey as a high school athlete. 

  • Become a more aware and mindful student athlete that understands how the mind impacts performance on and off the field. 

  • Develop and refine a defined yet mailable routine that positions the athlete for long term success, and provides stability in a hectic journey. 

  • Discover and develop critical recovery strategies to sustain the physical and mental performance needed for long term play 

  • Understanding of the importance and commitment to nutrition, sleep, hydration and mobility as it pertains to recovery and optimal play. 

  • -Recognize what deliberate extra work outside of normal team practice looks and feels like, and how it differs from just “rolling the balls out”

  • Committing, excelling and adapting your lifestyle to meet expectations of high level competition

  • Valuing and nourishing your how and why behind the most important relationships in your life and how they support your goals. 

  • Furthering one's understanding of time management, prioritization and how it impacts you and your team. 

  • Developing and implementing mindset tools that help manage the pressures that come with high level play while maintaining mental stability through challenges. 

What can I expect to gain and know by joining this mentorship program?

Jules Heningburg | Mission Primed
Jules Heningburg | Mission Primed

Who Should Apply?

We Are Looking For Players:

  • Grades 8, 9 and 10 (Exceptions for Juniors Will Be Made On Case By Case Basis)

  • At Attack, Midfield and Defense Position

  • Seeking An Extra Edge and Support To Push Toward Their Goals

  • Have A Strong Desire To Improve Themselves in Lacrosse, Academics and Life Overall 

  • Has A Strong Desire to Pursue Playing At The Collegiate Level (Any Division)

  • Have An Overall Commitment To Lacrosse Greater Than The Common Player

What is the Time Commitment?

We are aware of players' busy schedules, from academic commitments, to fall sports and social life. 

The Mentorship Program is designed as an additional resource to support in your journey, not interfere. We have designed the program to give flexibility for players to go at their own pace over the 4 month period. 

Jules Heningburg | Mission Primed

Additional Resources Included:

Each player will receive the following course materials to supplement their program:

  • Mission Primed Guide and Manual

  • 1-Year Subscription to First Class Lacrosse Online (Exclusive Offers)

  • 3-Months Subscription to Mindful Athlete Membership 

  • Weekly Mobility and Injury Prevention Program from Evolution Physical Therapy

  • Where was the 2021 event held?
    We hosted our players from August 2nd-5th at Seton Hall Preparatory School in West Orange, New Jersey.
  • Where is the closest airport?
    Newark International Airport
  • What time is check in and check out?
    Check in will begin at 3:00PM on Monday August 2nd Check out will be at 1pm on Thursday, August 5th
  • Are hotel costs included?
    Yes, players will be staying at the Cambria Hotel, West Orange, NJ
  • Is there food included in the cost?
    All meals are covered by Mission Primed. Feel free to purchase extra snacks and drinks for your room.
  • What should I bring?
    - Full Equipment - Mouthguard - Cleats - Cross Trainers - Notebook - Laptop (If Utilized to take Notes) - Pen - Shower Kit - Pair of khakis or nice jeans
  • Who is eligible to attend?
    High School Commited Seniors (Class of 2021), PGs + Gap Year Players.
  • How do I get invited?
    Invitations are sent out on an individual basis by our Mission Primed Team beginning in January. If you are an eligible player, and did not receive an invitation but feel as though this is an experience and community you want to become part of, please fill out our Interest form above.
  • When is the final payment due?
    Final payment is due no later than July 1st.
  • If I get accepted and I cannot afford the program, what do I do?
    We strive to make sure financial barriers are not an issue for players and families that are unable to afford event costs. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at to discuss options.
  • Once I register, what are the next steps?
    Once you register and reserve your spot, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the next steps leading up to the event. Please be diligent in checking for these!
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